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All it took was one tweet from Ethereums famous front man, Vitalik Buterin (vitalik.eth) and THE PROTOCOL was born….exactly 32 minutes later! Shortly, thereafter, an entire community and movement revolved around THE newest ethereum cryptocurrency.

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THE hype was real and apparently lasting. With a TOP NOTCH Security audit performed by THE most trusted auditors in the space, Certik gave THE protocol a solid 87.25 Security Score! Also to note is THE Protocol is listed on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko with a healthy but still low gem territory marketcap of around 1.5 million at time of this writing!!

Below is a description of THE Protocols 2 newest products “PROTOCOLIZATION” & “BLUE-CHIP”

Protocolization aims to utilize a percentage of the available project funds, and community individual investors funds to invest in small-cap, high-potential cryptocurrency projects. The chosen projects will receive a “blue-chip stamp” from THE PROTOCOL, signifying their quality and potential. Profits generated from these investments will be distributed to stakers, incentivizing participation in the project.

The investment process will be community-driven, with the DAO playing a crucial role in voting on potential projects. This approach aims to increase collaboration and hype between project communities, raise funds , benefiting stakers and encouraging users to purchase NFTs for boosted rewards.

Collaboration: Protocolization will foster partnerships and collaboration between THE PROTOCOL and other promising projects, creating a network effect that benefits all parties involved.

Community engagement: Involving the community in the investment decision-making process will boost user engagement and foster a sense of ownership within the community.
-Increased staking incentives: By distributing investment profits to stakers, more users will be incentivized to participate in staking, resulting in a healthier project

Boosted NFT sales: As stakers seek additional rewards, demand for NFTs from THE PROTOCOL’s collection will likely increase, raising funds for further development and investment.

Credibility and exposure: Successful investments in high-quality projects will build THE PROTOCOL’s credibility and attract more users to the platform.

Quality audit: Protocolization will be perceived as a quality audit for the tokens that receive the “blue-chip stamp,” making them more attractive to potential investors and encouraging projects to seek collaboration with THE PROTOCOL.

Influencer engagement: By engaging with influencers who are promoting specific tokens, THE PROTOCOL can ask about the potential of protocolizing those tokens, which may result in the influencers promoting both projects in a mutually beneficial way.

Crypto hub and ecosystem: Protocolization serves as the first step of our journey to make THE PROTOCOL a go-to place for all things crypto, making THE PROTOCOL a crypto hub and building a whole new ecosystem of high-quality projects. By spreading the protocolization across different sectors, THE PROTOCOL aims to become THE platform where all communities unite .

Utilizing NFTs for Sustainable Growth

The Protocolization strategy brings the potential to create new NFT collections based on increasing demand as the project gains momentum. As more users seek higher rewards, the demand for NFTs will rise, driving sales and generating additional funds for investments.

Selling more NFTs will not decrease rewards for stakers, as the funds raised will be used for further investments that generate high returns, contributing to the staking rewards pool. Each NFT sale will effectively bring back its cost and additional profits, ensuring that as long as users continue to enjoy high rewards, THE PROTOCOL will gain more power and resources to grow and expand.

This approach makes THE PROTOCOL the first project to offer high rewards without causing inflationary issues or negatively impacting the token’s value. In fact, the successful implementation of Protocolization will likely result in a significant increase in the token’s value, solidifying THE PROTOCOL’s position as a leading crypto hub and ecosystem that drives value and growth for all participants.

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