Cryogen set to launch CRYPTOK mobile app


Cryogen has announced that after 10 months of development, they are heading to the Apple iOS store along with the Google Play store with their newest crypto related platform.

With over 1 billion users on the popular short video sharing app TikTok one has to wonder how many of their users are into the crypto scene? It has been a long standing fact that TikTok has been very anti-crypto since of course, TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a chinese company. With crypto projects, influencers and charting analysts being banned (or shadow banned) in the thousands daily perhaps the crypto crowd on the popular TikTok platform could use their own place that isn’t so against crypto and all it encompasses.

Enter Cryptok! Touting some of the same basic features that TikTok and other platforms offer (Going Live, Gifts, Video Calling etc) but also adding a few twists of their own, Cryptok is set to make a splash on all mobile stores in Q1 2023! Some of the things that Cryptok hopes that crypto investors will love other than the freedom to create what they want would be things like participating in new project airdrops & giveaways. For a low monthly subscription fee, users of the platform can be a part of airdrops & giveaways from new KYC’d & audited projects! While no project is totally safe, by Cryptok running projects thru their specialized on-boarding process, Cryptok hopes to weed out the bad player projects as much as possible.

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Cryptok will generate revenue thru many old & new ways. First of course is strangely affordable advertising not usually seen in the crypto sector. Projects that pass the on-boarding process will be allowed to advertise with videos built into the scroll (swipe up) navigation system while users watch other videos. Complete with an outbound link to where they can learn more about the ad.

Heres the big difference between Cryptok and all other current social media type platforms. There is ABSOLUTELY no user tracking! So everyone sees the same ads and your data and browsing habits remain anonymous! True to the defi mantra that the creators of Cryptok follow, your online digital presence remains yours and isnt sold to the highest bidder. Currently, TikTok is facing legislation that could possibly ban their app in the USA. Easily done if Apple and Google playstore are made to remove them from their platforms.

Creators will also be able to earn from gifts given to them from their followers. The gifts are purchased with Cryptoks “sats”. Then when the creators want to they can cash out their collected “tips” to fiat. Being Creator friendly is one of Cryptoks main goals. Giving them the platform to express and create about the crypto world is becoming more and more needed. Creators will also be able to participate in platform wide contests like bringing the most followers to the platform. So by helping Cryptok grow, creators get paid passively.

While Cryptok is in the early stages of development and launch many new and exciting features are still on the table for future releases. The team has let a little out of the bag but all they have mentioned was “defi wallet”. We take that to mean Cryptok will have a built-in way for users to transact in crypto on the platform! The first alpha release even has an area to put in a wallet address now but the team has not mentioned their plans for that in the future.

Cryptok is made by Cryogen

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Cryptok $TOK Token Seed Sale